July 26, 2018

About Us

About Us

The REITE Club is a Canadian real estate investing group, dedicated to educating and providing networking and support for anyone interested in real estate. Whether new to investing, or a veteran, The REITE Club welcomes everyone, and it is their mission to provide real estate investing knowledge and training to as many investors as they can.

What started as a small, humble group of investors wanting to connect with other like minds has transformed into a group of hundreds of investors; all eager to grow and take their investing to the next level. Our mission, however, still remains the same: to share knowledge and provide the necessary resources for everyone to succeed in their goals through real estate investing. Come be a part of their monthly educational networking events, full-day training seminars, online webinars, and more!

Our History

In 2015, Daniel St-Jean wanted to found a real estate investment club to service the needs of real estate investors. He was frustrated with the lack of clubs that operated west of the GTA and briefly ran a meet-up group for real estate investors out of Stoney Creek, Ontario. Upon meeting Alfonso Salemi, Sarah Larbi and Susan Antoft (who has since moved out of province), and with the help of his wife, Laurel Simmons, all of whom are serious real estate investors just like Daniel is, he invited them to join him in creating a real estate investment training club that would hold meetings in or around the Burlington/Hamilton area.

And voila!… the Southern Ontario Real Estate Investment Training Club (or SO REIT as it was known) was born in March 2017 with 50 attendees at the first meeting held at the Burlington Holiday Inn.

As word spread and more and more people attended, the founders realized that the club needed a new name to better reflect the community that was attending and supporting the club. As a result, SO REIT became The REITE Club (The Real Estate Investing and Training Education Club).

To this day, meetings continue to be held at the same location, only now with hundreds of investors. All of the founders—Daniel, Sarah, Alfonso and Laurel—look forward to continuing the journey as both the club and its members grow in many different ways.

Please reach out at any time with your questions, feedback and concerns – we are here to help – contact us by clicking here