June 20, 2019

Daniel St-Jean

Daniel St Jean—Real Estate Investor, Author, Mentor, and Entrepreneur

Daniel loves The REITE Club! He loves helping people, he loves being in business, and he loves watching people be successful in whatever field they choose.

Daniel has been in “sales & marketing” in one form all of his adult life. And since the late ’70s, he has bought, started, or sold ten different businesses. He has been a professional photographer, a publisher of educational material, calendars and greeting cards, the owner of a framing shop & art gallery, a professional tour guide, an independent distributor of health products, a speaker, a trainer, and a teacher. He has also written two published books; his first one became a Canadian bestseller in 1992.

Daniel, along with his wife Laurel, owns the Safe & Sound Real Estate Investment Group which specializes in rent-to-own real estate. He and his wife also have several buy-and-hold properties which are located in the Niagara, Ontario region.

Daniel loves to try new things… he believes in working smart and having fun AND in creating abundance and sharing the wealth.

You can reach Daniel directly at daniel@thereiteclub.com