April 29, 2019

Our Values


The REITE Club values above all else the opportunity to provide an inclusive and welcoming space for anyone interested in real estate investing. It is our mission to provide sound education and support for those looking to learn a little, learn a lot, or get started in the world of real estate. The REITE Club also values and support all the sponsors and service providers who provide valued and valuable resources to The REITE Club community; we consider sponsors and service providers to be just as much members of the The REITE Club as real estate investors are.


We value all of our members, and work to keep the club available to everyone who is interested in learning more about real estate investing. We believe that all people who attend and participate in our events, in person or online, are members of our community. And by members of our community, we mean people who attend every event or one event, those who are one-time guests, our presenters, our sponsors, podcast listeners, people who interact with us online… in fact, everyone who is involved with the club.


We want The REITE Club to be the most inclusive club in the world! We believe in including all people, not excluding them. Whether new investors or veteran investors, whether sponsors or service providers to real estate investors, we believe in providing a space for everyone to come together. That means we engage people in different ways: by talking to them, offering a helping hand, and supporting and encouraging all members because they are a part of our community.


We strive to keep the club educational, but also entertaining because we believe that there has to be balance as a real estate investor. Investing is hard work, but we work just as hard to keep it fun! If you’re not having fun, then you won’t enjoy what you do.


If one of us grows, we all grow. We adopt this mindset to encourage all our members and those who support the club to take positive steps forward—by leaps or baby steps – it doesn’t matter. We all come together to support each other’s victories, no matter how big or small. We love it when we see our members grow their portfolios, personal networks and financial wealth. We also love it when we see the people in our community support each other in so many ways, because when we support each other, we all grow!


We believe that there is more than enough for all. We also believe that everyone working together will make the pie bigger as a whole. We believe that abundance means sharing, being grateful and believing that there are unlimited opportunities for everyone, whether financial, emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological or social.


We believe in holding each other to consistent moral and ethical standards. Everyone associated with The REITE Club is expected to treat others with consideration and respect at all times. In other words, we believe in the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”