June 20, 2019

Sarah Larbi

Sarah Larbi—Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Podcast Host

Sarah Larbi specializes in helping take the mystery out of homeownership for Canadians who thought real estate investing was out of reach. She has earned their trust and respect by having the drive and focus to embark, build and grow a seven-figure, 9 property investment portfolio by her early 30’s.

Sarah’s goal is to inspire and train other fellow Canadian’s to realize their own property-owning dreams by sharing her 7-step investing process through her online training programs. This has helped her students go from their first property, whilst fully employed, to planning retirement in around 10-15 years.

Her results-oriented approach has been featured in The Toronto Star, 1010 News Talk Radio, and Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine as well as numerous online media. She is an invited speaker at the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Investor Forum and is often a guest on numerous North American finance-focused podcasts.

Sarah is the co-host of “The REITE Club’s Real Estate Investing in Canada” podcast where she gets to interview members of The REITE Club and its supporters. She loves to hear their stories of what went right, what went wrong and how anyone can succeed in real estate. Sarah is also the host of her own podcast “Where Should I Invest?”, that has reached a Top 25 ranking on Apple podcasts. In the podcast, Sarah interviews fellow real estate investors about their strategies and geographical focus, providing valuable insights to her audience with actionable tactics for their own real estate goals.

When not attending various real estate and investor conferences and events or looking for her next investment property, Sarah can be found enjoying her time outdoors with friends and family, trying out new restaurants and brunch spots, or hanging out at a local Starbucks.

You can reach Sarah directly at sarah@thereiteclub.com