The REITE Club – Tuesday, October 22nd – Monthly Event

Why Belts, Buckles and Bling is Bullsh*t – How to Effectively Raise Capital for Real Estate Investing John Heeney No matter the stage of your real estate investing journey, there is a very common and discouraging barrier: “WHERE DO I GET THE MONEY TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE?”  Raising capital seems intimidating, but DO NOT allow it Read more about The REITE Club – Tuesday, October 22nd – Monthly Event[…]

Monthly Event – September 18th

Presenter – Dylan Suitor How Goal Setting made 150 Doors a Reality! If you have ever wanted to know how to succeed in real estate investing and growing your number of doors through goal setting and growth mindset, don’t miss this event. Dylan Suitor will share how he made 150 doors a reality and the Read more about Monthly Event – September 18th[…]

Monthly Event – May 28th

Speakers Sarah Eder – Raising Capital With Social Media – Learn how to cash in on the time you’re already spending on social media, and actually raise money for your real estate portfolio! Ever wonder how investors seem to raise millions of dollars in capital, just by posting videos on YouTube, sharing stories on Instagram Read more about Monthly Event – May 28th[…]

Wisdom Conjunction – Masterclass

Wisdom Conjunction…… Some of you enjoyed in your childhood a Saturday morning network television cartoon show from Schoolhouse Rock called Conjunction Junction by Bob Dorough. Well, there was a bigger lesson to learn than simple grammar! It goes like this… “Conjunction Junction what’s your function?  Hooking up words and phrases and clauses.“Conjunction Junction how is that Read more about Wisdom Conjunction – Masterclass[…]

Monthly Event – April 23rd

Registration is now closed. Walk-In and Non-Registered attendees will be charged $40 at the door. Speakers Ken Bekendam – Legal Second Suites – Don’t get caught by surprise! What every investor needs to know about zoning and building code requirements Learn how to be able to analyze a property online and determine zoning compliance. Gain Read more about Monthly Event – April 23rd[…]

How To Raise Capital Without Rejection

For Real Estate Investors – The REITE Club and Dave Dubeau Present…  Discover How To Magnetically Attract Money-Partners to You…Calling, Texting and Emailing About Your Real Estate Investments & Deals!(And All With… Zero Cold Calls, No Begging, and No Grovelling) Hear from Dave about this special event and also his best wishes for our 2nd year anniversary