Don’t Take This Small Book Lightly

Most investors are successful because of taking massive action and their speed of implementation. It allows us to learn enough to know, to Trust but Verify in business and in life. To protect what is ours and the beautiful life we have built thus far and continue to build.

The Drame of the Gifted Child is a little powerhouse of a book and should not be taken lightly. Especially, in judgement by its soft cover, small stature and barely triple digit page count. With that cautionary statement out of the way, we can delve into what makes it so fundamental in real estate and life in general.

Oftentimes, we are looking outside ourselves for answers to our daily decision-making regiment. No matter the area of real estate or business we may find ourselves in, we are the select few who have taken that red pill and dared to ask, “Why”. Why do we do what we do, why do we want the things we want and what is the driving force which against all reason sometimes puts us in the situations we find ourselves in.

This book is to be read emotionally and not logically. With complete awareness of one’s own emotional state change. It is not, however, a step by step guide that’ll land you your next deal or how to jump over some mindset hurtle we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe we’re plagued with.

It simply asks of us to read, remember and allow ourselves to feel whatever emotions may come up and delve a little deeper in the understanding of them. It only asks, that for once, we don’t simply devour, but stop to savour, the information in this fast-paced new age world we live in where we’re all passively trained to take only what can be applied to us instantaneously and move on to the next foreseeable step.

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Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Basic Books; 3 edition (July 22 2008)

Language: English

Nemo Napijalo is a real estate investor out of Hamilton utilizing the wholesale/flip strategy and Airbnb.

With 10 years of sales experience and a strong belief in Coaching, Nemo has dedicated over 200 hours to mentorship programs on Philosophy, Mindset, Real Estate and Business Leadership.

Nemo grants his business success to his love of networking and believes that a strong network and speed of implementation of shared ideas in mastermind groups.

Today, Nemo is Partner in Hamilton Buys Houses and Vaca Rental Solutions with Andrew Balach.

“Always surround yourself with people who have or can do what you want or can’t do”

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