Hello! Nice to 'Meet' you!

Submitted by katherinenelsonriley@gmail.com on Wed, 03/31/2021 - 12:53
Hello everyone! This new REITE Club Community site is great. I am new to REI and really looking forward to growing my REI with this site, club, and community! You may recognize my name - I'm the REITE Club's Operations Manager - also known internally as their 'detailer' and 'smile coordinator'. Originally from Southern California, southwestern Ontario is my home ... and home base for my three daughters and their families. With a large extend family spread across North America, we're really grateful for the technological age that we're in that allows us to stay connected and involved with eachother ... whether it be virtually cooking together, cheering on eachothers' accomplishments, reading books, taking classes, or celebrating milestones, we've discovered creativity and thinking outside the box has opened up ways to stay connected. Prior to joining the REITE Club team, I spent many years in the business of golf; was and am involved in the rowing community on a local, national and international level; and my husband and I continue to volunteer throughout our community - including for the historic Lakeside Park Carousel nestled in the village of Port Dalhousie. This new REI chapter is one I'm excited about ... stay tuned, eh?! I'm only JUST beginning! I'd love to hear YOUR story too!

- April 01, 2021

Hey Katherine - we are so happy that you're part of our REITE Club family and that you're starting your journey in real estate investing.