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From Welfare to Digital Nomad Lawyer with Milena Cardinal


Laurel: I've heard this little story that, at one point you walked into the bank and what did you give them?

Milena: I gave them the keys to my first investment property. Yep. I physically walked in the bank and gave them the keys. I was like, I can't do this. 

Laurel: wow. 

Milena: An epic fail. epic fail. I was young. It was before I became a lawyer. I was a law student. Actually, I had no idea what I was doing and yeah. And I failed, but that's okay. Because look at where I'm now. 

Busting the Work-Life Balance Myth with Automation with Lena Guirguis


Growing a successful real estate investing business takes a lot more than a 4-hour work week. In fact in this podcast episode guest, Lena Guirguis shared "When you come to terms with there is no work-life balance, it becomes a lot easier to create a balance that works for you."

The Inside Scoop – What you need to know about moving to Costa Rica with Tammy Lovell


You're thinking about moving to Costa Rica.  How do you decide if this is the right move for you? In this podcast episode Tammy Lovell shares the tips and tricks she learned along the way and the help she received to navigate this new life and lifestyle. Just for a moment,  forget about the complexity of the world and discover something new. Take a slow deep breath and allow Tammy to introduce you to the land of PURA VIDA.

How they did it! Canadians investing in Costa Rica with Jennifer and Francois Lanthier


Francois and Jennifer Lanthier walk you through the steps for Canadians investing in Costa Rica and the lessons they learned along the way.

Sarah: REITE Club Nation, welcome back. We are talking all about Costa Rica today with Francois and Jennifer Lanthier. But before we do that, I'm Sarah Larbi. I'm here with Alfonso Salemi. Alfonso, what is new and exciting?

Interpreting the Federal Budget for those wanting to Rent to Own with Alfonso Salemi


Given the multiple announcements made in the Federal budget which will have an impact on real estate investors across the country join us for a special edition of our National event to hear from professionals in tax, financing, rent-to-own, and real estate about what the budget proposal may and will mean and what you can be doing to mitigate their impact. In this session join REITE Club Co-Founder Alfonso Salemi of JAAG Properties as they talk about Rent to Own.