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Planning, Building and Bill 108


Ronald DeCouteau

Sarah: I'm going to introduce Ronald DeCoteau. I've worked with Ronald personally. And by leveraging his years of experience and education in the commercial construction sector, he became a secondary suite zoning bylaw and building code subject matter expert. And has since successfully assisted hundreds of real estate investors in Ontario. On the legal secondary suite conversion process.

Cornwall / Brockville


Milena Cardinal LL.L., J.D.

Daniel: Let's say number one, you are a lawyer. Number two, you're a business person. You're an investor. You're really smart. And you do Airbnb. I'm just going to let you go. And I'm going to ask you to share with our people on this call on this webinar. Maybe some tips and tricks so they can do better at their short term and medium-term rental.



Christopher Rossie

Sarah: Next up is Christopher Rossie, based in Montreal. Christopher began investing on his own in short-term rentals about eight years ago. At one time managing 12 across Quebec and he really enjoyed connecting with people and he earned his real estate license. And working to become an expert in real estate law, rental laws, short-term leases, closing adjustments, customer service also while growing his Airbnb portfolio.

Christopher, welcome. I'm excited to hear what you've got for us today. And you are talking about Montreal.