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Why You Should Work with a Real Estate Investor Lawyer


Sarah Larbi: REITE Club Nation, I'm Sarah Larbi and I'm here with Daniel St Jean. Today we are interviewing Ryan Carson from Carson Law. My personal real estate investing lawyer who helps close many deals, has worked with many of my students, have, has also helped with my JV agreements, corporations, everything in between. Before we get into that, Daniel, it's nice to co-host again with you. I think it's been a while. 

Land Development Is Not for the Faint of Heart!


Sarah Larbi: REITE club nation. Hello, I'm Sarah, and I'm here with Francois, REITE club community, we've got a great guest. We have Carina Guzman, who is a very successful developer. And she has a really cool story. She really started from scratch. She was self-taught and has been doing some amazing projects. I hope you guys enjoy the podcast today, and if you haven't yet, please leave a rating and review.

From Sick & Bankrupt to Real Estate Investor!


Katherine Nelson-Riley: There's tax implications, there's corporation implications, there's all kinds of different things that are open there.

Sarah Larbi: REITE club community, welcome back to another awesome episode of the REITE club podcast. My name is Sarah Larbi and I'm here with my co-host Francois Lanthier. How are you, Francois?

Francois Lanthier: I'm excellent. Thank you. And how about you?

The Successful Poster Child of Real Estate Investing Without Knowing it All


Daniel St Jean: Good afternoon everyone. So this is Daniel St Jean one of the co-founders of the Reite Club, and our special co guest, co-host today Victoria Cluney. Hello. And who is going to, the two of us are going to just grill Jacqueline and of course, what, when you know what Jacqueline does for a living, she can take it. We're ready to go. Ready to go? Let's do this. All right, let's do this. Special guest today is Jacqueline. How are you doing, Jacqueline?