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Systems for Small - Medium Term Rentals


Jonathan Margel
Sarah: Jonathan, right out of university managed over 2000 apartments immersed in the day-to-day operations. He's an investor in several multi-family and commercial properties around Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto. And is the co-founder and CEO of Building Stack, which is a customer centric property management platform currently with 150,000 plus doors across Canada. Welcome Jonathan, how are you?

Jonathan: I'm doing very well. Good evening. Thanks for having me again.

Calgary Updates


Natasha Phipps

Francois: Welcome tonight, Natasha Phipps from Calgary CIR Realty, Phipps Realty. Natasha began her real estate investing at 20 years old. My goodness only a year, Natasha, I can't believe it. You've done so much. The family business is a new construction. And I have a few fun questions for Natasha. I had the pleasure to edit your podcast interview today, actually. I know all about you and your story and a few things so welcome and oops, you're muted. We're welcoming our guests.

Edmonton Updates


Melissa Shymko

Francois: We have Melissa Shymko from Edmonton, Alberta. The two cities are competing. Melissa, we're really excited. Alberta born and raised  in Edmonton for 21 years. She's been a real estate investor since 2007 and knows the Edmonton market. And then we're going to chat about some opportunities and in Edmonton where to invest, similar questions to Natasha. Welcome Melissa and Melissa has an awesome list too. Make sure to share it in the chat Melissa's list. I need to subscribe. I heard about it, but anyway.

Guelph Market Update with Beth & Ryan Waller


Despite a slowing property market in some areas and further expected interest rate increases, the demand for real estate investment properties on the edges of the GTA appears to continue to be strong.

Is that still the case?

Where are the opportunities for reasonable house prices and cash-flowing rental markets?

Join us for the next stop on our virtual tour of Ontario markets with expert insights and market updates for Guelph.