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Making It Easier for Canadians to Invest in the US 


James Lloyd and Voytek Mardula

Sarah: All right, everybody. Thank you so much for coming to our “lunch and learn” with James Lloyd and Voytek Mardula from US Properties. 

Voytek: Yeah, thanks for having us on the show Sarah, we really appreciate it.

Sarah: Awesome. Now you've been on our webinars in the past and you've got some great things to share, but maybe somebody hasn't seen what you've done or heard about you before. Can you give us an overview of who you are and also who US properties is?

Top 10 ‘What NOT to Do as a JV Partner’ List


Francois Lanthier

Daniel: Good afternoon, everybody. We are talking this afternoon with Francois Lanthier. He has a very interesting Top 10 List.


François: It’s a Top 10 - What NOT to Do as a Joint Venture Partner


1. Don't do a joint venture with just anyone. I get calls every day from people saying they want to do a joint venture with me. But I want to get to know them first.