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The Depth of Your Self-Awareness Equals the Breadth of Your Success!


Sarah Larbi: REITE Club Community. Welcome back to another awesome episode, and today is not necessarily real estate related, it's the Mind Estate podcast.

We've got a great guest, Nancy Morris, who's a psychologist, and she has been a psychology consultant, speaker, author, 19 plus years of academics under her belt. She's really the real deal and she has many years. Experience. Catherine, what did you think of today's podcast? Just as a little like tidbit before we get into it.

Greater London Area Investment Opportunities!


Sarah Larbi: REITE club Nation, welcome back. I'm Sarah Larbi, and I'm here with Francois, my wonderful co-host of Francois Lanthier 

Francois Lanthier: I think what Justin, what you'll hear in the interview will really tie into what some of the decisions I've made staying liquid in uncertain times. So I have liquidated and yeah, but buying all these properties allowed me to do this liquidation.

A Brand-New Type of Joint Venture to Quickly Scale-Up!


Sarah Larbi: REITE club nation., I hope everybody is doing awesome. I'm Sarah Larbi, and I am here with Francois Lanthier. 

Francois Lanthier: I'm glad to be co-hosting again amazing investors and interviews and what a privilege to be involved.

Sarah Larbi: I'm really excited to have you as my co-host. You've brought some great guests today as well for our podcast. I'm excited to bring them in