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Mortgages & Financing with Brian Hogben


Given the multiple announcements made in the Federal budget which will have an impact on real estate investors across the country join us for a special edition of our National event to hear from professionals in tax, financing, rent-to-own, and real estate about what the budget proposal may and will mean and what you can be doing to mitigate their impact. In this session join Brian Hogben as they talk about Mortgages & Financing.

Realtor’s Recipes


Brenda Schuiling and Mat Piche
Alfonso: With 15 plus years of residential real estate experience, first she's an investor, and a landlord, and now as a licensed realtor. She is on absolute fire right now. And the hummingbird the news is that, she as early as last night closed on winning a duplex with multiple offers. Still getting in and owning, getting those properties accepted.

Contractor’s Secrets


Jon Tenbrinke
Sarah: That's about how contractors should be pricing jobs, why should you stop asking for a cheap contractor? Why do jobs go bad and much more? Welcome, Jon, how are you?

Jon: I am great. How are you guys doing?

Sarah: Excellent. You are going to be presenting for the next half an hour. And we are all ears. We're excited to see what you have to present to us today.

Preconstruction Opportunities


Natasha Phipps
Francois: I met Natasha in almost a little bit over a year. February 2nd at the Ottawa Real Estate Investor Conference. Anyway, it was really nice chatting with Natasha and she had an amazing product. And then I'm like, oh, you should come to Ottawa and talk about something. Now, it's the opposite. I'm going to Calgary right now and meeting with Natasha and we're going to be able to share Natasha's story. And Natasha started investing at 20. I thought you were still 20 Natasha, 21 or 20.

Natasha: 21.