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Discipline and Mindset Equals Success in Real Estate Investing


Victoria Cluney: And I lost a, a property not too long ago, that I spent a lot of money on and a lot of hard work on. And when I found out that that property fell apart, I cried. I cried. And I like said to my husband, I think we were out at a, a ball game or something and I went home and I was just like, I just need to just decompress, let it all out. But the next day, I mean, I'm back at it. Next day I'm I'm taking the lessons that I've learned from it. I'm, you know, we call them after action reports in the military.

How To Get Into The World of Private Lending


Alfonso: Welcome back REITE Club community to another episode of The REITE Club podcast. I'm Alfonso Salemi. Today, I am with Sarah Larbi. How are you, Sarah?

Sarah: I'm doing awesome. How are you buddy?

Alfonso: I am doing great. Feeling good. It's a new month. We have an amazing podcast with Susan Flanagan today from Private Money for Mortgages.

The Advantages of Growing your Network


Jennifer: I really like the idea of you can take it anywhere and US dollars are always on the list of what's taken first, whether you're in the Caribbean, whether you're in the states.

Sarah: REITE Club nation. Welcome, I'm Sarah Larbi and I'm here today with Laurel Simmons, my wonderful co-host, and we are going to have an amazing podcast. But before that, Laurel, what is new and exciting in your world?

Investing in Real Estate as a Couple and as a Team 


Carolina: In this scaling process, we started to realize that we couldn't just do everything ourselves. So very quickly we were hitting milestones that maybe typically would've taken us a little bit longer and we're like, okay, we can't.

Sarah: REITE Club nation, welcome to this week's podcast. I'm Sarah Larbi and my co-host today is Alfonso Salemi and we've got some great guests, but before we get into that Alfonso, what is new and exciting?

When Real Estate Investors Need To Make Tough Decisions with Claire Drage


Claire: That expiry date could be when you're six foot under. I'm not saying every relationship is bad, but every relationship has an expiration date.

Alfonso: Welcome back REITE Club nation to another episode of The REITE Club podcast. I'm Alfonso Salemi and today I'm joined by Sarah Larbi. How's it going, Sarah?

Sarah: I'm doing awesome. How are you doing?