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Brian Hogben

Katherine: I'm really excited to have Brian. He's actually been a part of the REITE club from day one, he's been one of our national partners and one of our national supporters and his expertise, what it is that he's brought to our team has been phenomenal. I personally really enjoy working with him and his team.

He's the owner of Mission 35 Mortgages with over 30 agents and 10 locations. And I think your most recent location is here in St. Catharines.

The 8 Criteria for Successfully Executing The RWA Real Estate Investing Strategy


Daniel St. Jean

Daniel: If you have been following the REITE Club, you will know that Laurel and mine's preferred strategy has been rent to own and we have set up 51 rent to own deals. The last one actually was in July of last year. And at that point, looking at the market, I decided it was my interpretation that this is not the best market for a rent to own. So we stopped doing them and we were looking at another strategy. 

GTA Market Insights and Updates


Ming Lim and Gary Hibbert

Daniel: Good evening, Ming and good evening, Gary.

Ming Lim has a dual role at Volition Properties, as both head of advisory and construction. He mentors and guides new and experienced investors who are interested in purchasing and developing in the Toronto market Ming has a background in computer science from the University of Waterloo and construction experience, giving him a unique analytical lens on investing and a practical approach to implementing investing strategies.