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Yukon Updates


Graham Frey

Graham: After seeing all that Mitch has got going on, it's pretty boring up here.

Daniel: The first question I was going to ask you is I realize it's a distance to Fort St. John, but it's still on the Alaska highway. Are people talking about that? Are they excited about that? Are some people going to leave Whitehorse?

Investing in Commercial Buildings


Erik Doyle and Dave Hulshof
Sarah: Dave as well from Elevation with a background in Wealth Management. Dave's role at Elevation is mainly around analyzing multi-residential properties, commercial buildings and seeking off market opportunities. So tonight, Investing in Commercial Buildings, the difference between buying a building and investing in other properties, top things to consider, due diligence, overview and some financial options. So welcome guys, take it away.

How to Do a Brand Audit?


Paul Copcutt
Alfonso: He's at the controls and he has been an integral part, like a cornerstone, foundational part of our team and truly a major success for the REITE club for all of our personal careers as well. Just the conversations even during COVID, we were probably 12 feet away and we just shared a conversation outside and things that you get to learn and grow with people that are around you.