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Short Term Rental Occupancy Legalities and Bill 57


Ryan Carson

Ryan Carson: I basically put something together related to rentals and specifically short-term rentals. And if I have time, I'll show everybody a share screen of section 57 of the residential tenancies act, which is in Ontario part of the governing legislation, as many of you might know we can take a look at that as well.

The Tax and Accounting Implications of Short Term Rentals


George Dube

George Dube: So, I'll jump right in here. And to me, I'm just going to identify a few points to give some thought to not to say that each of these is going to be relevant. Just some background information here. It's worth giving some thought to in my mind for many people. So, one of the first things here I've got listed is with respect to the type of income that's earned.

Investor Lessons, Tips and Tricks for Short Stay Rentals


Spencer Giles and Ashley Antidormi

Sarah: Spencer Giles and Ashley Antidormi are Niagara based real estate investors, and they share a love of fitness, travel and dogs. They started investing in 2018 and have since expanded their portfolio to 15 units with a mix of short-term and long-term rentals. They also co-founded Travel Luxe Property Management, which is an Airbnb management company, which has grown to become one of the most popular Airbnb property management companies in the Niagara area.

Financing Options and Strategies for Short Term Rentals


Daniel Patton

Daniel St Jean: You’ve been around for a long time. I'm always in the top 5 or 10% of all the mortgage people in the country. You guys are extremely successful and you also have a division called BM Select which is a division specifically focused on real estate investors. Daniel Patton, I only have one question for you. 

How does a bank view an application for an Airbnb? And what are the main differences between Airbnb and a regular rental when it comes to mortgage application?

Cleaning and Maintenance of Short Term Rentals


Rakesh Tiku

Francois: Rakesh Tiku is the president and CEO of Infield Solutions and Internet of Things. So, an IOT company that leverages technology to increase revenue and the profitability of your real estate investments. One of the areas that I learned about is the fogging that Infield Solutions offers and it's great like HVAC ducts sterilization, all that fun stuff, which is really relevant when you're hosting Airbnb.