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Ming Lim and Gary Hibbert

Daniel: Good evening, Ming and good evening, Gary.

Ming Lim has a dual role at Volition Properties, as both head of advisory and construction. He mentors and guides new and experienced investors who are interested in purchasing and developing in the Toronto market Ming has a background in computer science from the University of Waterloo and construction experience, giving him a unique analytical lens on investing and a practical approach to implementing investing strategies.

How to Use Connectworking to Build Your Real Estate Business and More


By Daniel St-Jean

As I built our rent-to-own portfolio of over 50 houses and raised over $30 million of other people’s money, it was all through using my approach of Connectworking. 

Most people do networking like they’re on a fishing trip. What they need to do is ‘connectworking,’ which is more like gardening.

As opposed to networking, you build connections. For example at the end of last year, I probably sent 1,700 best wishes for New Year’s. I keep track of people and whenever anything comes around, I reach out to them. 

Cyndi Gould - Making Real Estate Investing Pay Off with Multi-family Properties


Interested in investing in multi-family properties? Daniel St-Jean of The REITE Club finds out why Cyndi Gould chose that strategy and has stayed with it.

TRC: Cindy, I've known you for quite a while. When did you get involved in real estate investing?

Cyndi Gould: I actually got started in 2012. Getting my education in the spring of that year, built, started building my team and then actually bought two duplexes in Hamilton in September 2012.

TRC: Why did you get involved in real estate investing?