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Small Town Short Term Rental Investing


Christine Corrigan

Francois: I'm really excited about tonight's guest. She's got such a nice story. So, Christine Corrigan is talking about Small Town Short-term Rental Investing. So, Christine is a nurse. She's been a nurse for about 10 years and a mom with young kids and she's an investor.

And she just started recently. We met in Moncton this summer in person. We've been chatting on Instagram and over phone calls and video calls. So, welcome Christine. Thank you so much for joining us this evening.

Mortgages, Financing & Real Estate


Ryan Bond and Natasha Phipps

Francois: We have Natasha Phipps of Phipps Realty and Ryan Bond of Mortgage Line. They'll be taking you through to different real estate investing strategies in Western Canada and the mortgage tips for each of them. 

Be sure to join our community and check out all the free resources and training, education and information you need for your real estate investing business. 

Importance of Networking for One’s Success


Mark Frentz


Daniel: Tonight we have one of the best networkers and best coaches for networking with us, Mark Frentz. His greatest strength is his ability to authentically connect with others the way he approaches all things with grace, compassion and deep curiosity. And I think those are three really good qualities to have when you want to build a network and work with a network. 

Best Areas for Different REI Strategies


Derek McEwen

Francois: Derek McEwen had a career of over 20 years negotiating terms in the insurance industry. He's lived in Eastern Ontario area since 2011 joining Storm Realty continuing his second career in real estate. And tonight, we're focusing on Cornwall and Alexandria as well as small multifamily land development. So, Derek, I'm really excited to hear about what's going on in these very special markets, smaller towns, smaller cities, but great opportunities. So, take it away.