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Preparation: The Key to a Successful Renovation


Dave Ould

Sarah: I'm going to introduce our first presenter tonight is Dave Ould and actually Dave and I originally started talking on Instagram. I want to say, I don't know, nine months ago. And currently, he is working as the project consultant for Black Jack Contracting, and he's got 14 years of combined real estate investing and acquisition experience from BC spanning all the way to Ontario.

Financing Trends, Updates and Insights


Brian Hogben

Katherine: I'm really excited to have Brian. He's actually been a part of the REITE club from day one, he's been one of our national partners and one of our national supporters and his expertise, what it is that he's brought to our team has been phenomenal. I personally really enjoy working with him and his team.

He's the owner of Mission 35 Mortgages with over 30 agents and 10 locations. And I think your most recent location is here in St. Catharines.