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Yukon Market Update


Graham Frey

Daniel: Mr. Graham Frey is a top realtor in Whitehorse and where I live by the way for 13 years. We're going to find out what the market is like, and what's happening in Whitehorse these days? Where are you Mr. Graham?

Graham: I'm here now.

Daniel: Hey Graham, how are you doing?

Graham: Very well. Yourself?

Daniel: I'm fine. What's the population of Whitehorse right now, roughly?

Montreal South Shore


Andrew Jones
Francois: Welcome, Andrew. I'm really excited to have you on.

Andrew: Great. I'm going to ask the typical question. You can see me right?

Francois: Yes, it's weird the layout on zoom, but if you're in gallery mode, then you can see yourself and the people.

Andrew: I apologize to everybody for this background, as you see still working that nine to five to get those mortgages qualify for it, but more than happy to speak with you this evening.