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Milena Cardinal LL.L., J.D. and Derek McEwen
Francois: We're starting off with Derek McEwen from Storm Realty, Cornwall and Milena Cardinal from Cardinal Law and Cornwall. I've heard great things about these people. I personally invest in Cornwall. It's a great market, but I look forward to chatting with this power team. If you are looking to invest in Cornwall there's part of your power team you're just missing. It'd be a home inspector, mortgage broker, but the REITE club does have everything.



Cyndi Gould

Daniel: Good evening, Cindy. Cindy and I were part of a small group of people who met on Saturday morning in a restaurant and God that was in 2012. Nine years ago, and then I'm talking to somebody in front of me and Cindy is over there talking to somebody else. And I'm asking that person about a bridge. And that person said send me the information and then send the razor and I can do that. And then that was our first bridge and so back and forth. Now for nine years we have done a lot of stuff together. Hi, Cindy, nice to have you on.

How can Canadians build an infinitely large real estate portfolio in the US?


Voytek Mardula
Sarah: They are a turn key solution for purchasing cash flow positive real estate in the Detroit area. And they do take care of everything from the purchase of the financing, the renovations, the tenants, the property management and they are a great option. If you want to diversify, grow your portfolio. I know our very own Francois has done a tremendous deal with them that is actually better. I'm super excited for that. Voytek Mardula, I'm going to introduce Voytek. I'm going to introduce James.

Cash Flow Investing, Section 8


James Lloyd

Sarah: James Lloyd, customer service is his passion at US properties. James oversees and helps the Cain investors and ourselves every step of the way. Bringing in his years of detailed management and investing expertise and together they are a powerful team. I think the best part of it is that they're Canadians that we can actually see rather than, maybe not right now with it, with everything that's going on, but at some point when we're allowed out of our houses again these guys I've met in person and they are great.