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Halifax Market Updates


Richard Payne

Daniel: Richard, how are you doing?

Richard: I'm good Daniel, how are you?

Daniel: I'm fine. We've talked many times before because I've known you for nine years and even the first time I met you. I detected a very interesting Spanish accent there. Where are you from Richard?

Richard: Keep guessing, cause not in it. The North of England.

Daniel: Manchester. We know the famous groups that came out of Liverpool whose famous ones came out of Manchester.

Moncton Market Updates


Sean Power and Cameron Brioux
Francois: We have Sean Power, President and then Sean's bio. Raised in Moncton with grassroots, in Newfoundland. It began with one apartment building and now has over 20 homes. He's done commercial real estate and over 30 years in the business. Sean, I'm not sure here that all with your father. I think it's the power team that probably has over 30 years in the business. And tonight Sean's giving us an insider's view of real estate investing in Moncton and an update on the markets. Welcome, Sean.

Pre-Construction Success Story


Jason Boccinfuso
Alfonso: Jason's going to get into his story, but a couple of quick facts with Jason. He was the youngest police officer at 19 years old in the Durham region. By 23, he had reached substantial success. You heard a little bit of him from before and some of the knowledge that he's got. The inside info. I think that was the hot tip tonight, the founder club. That's pretty cool.

Insuring Pre-construction


Alex Bell
Alfonso: I want to introduce Alex Bell. From an insurance standpoint, Alex is the managing partner and VP of the Realty Properties at MyCor insurance. He's a real estate investor himself. And yeah, he's going to talk a little bit about what do we have to worry about when we're doing a pre-construction or any of those types of things from an insurance standpoint? Alex?