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Financing Pre-Construction


Daniel Patton
Sarah: Daniel, welcome. Thank you for sharing what you're going to be sharing with us.

Daniel: Thank you so much. Shawn did a great job. Honestly, I was going to talk a lot about that HST, especially that it's always big on the financing side to prepare for something. Kudos to Shawn. He had a lot of good info. I'll try to fill my time with some other good tips.

Sarah: Let's hear the insights that you can share with us.

What to look for in a Pre-Construction Contracts?


Shawn Quigg
Sarah: Shawn is with Carson Law. He's with the Carson Law family. He's got an active background in real estate investing, he's part of their corporate team. And he's going to share what to watch out for, what to include, what to consider when going through a pre-construction contract. Shawn, welcome.

Shawn: Sarah, thank you. Thanks for having me.

Sarah: Excellent. What can you share with us, from a legal standpoint, when it comes to preconstruction?

Pre-Construction Roundtable


Nathalie Cloutier, Natasha Phipps, Jason Boccinfuso, Mat Frederick & Michael Richter
Sarah: Let's bring in some of these experts and investors that are really being successful, getting it out, doing the pre-construction strategy in different ways. What we wanted to do tonight is bring you a scope of all the different types of pre-construction that can be done so that you get different ideas and insights.

Understanding Multi-Family Investing Opportunities with Dylan Suitor


Real estate has seen incredible gains over the last few years across most markets. That coupled with increased competition and low-interest rates has created a feeding frenzy on every property and left many real estate investors frustrated with missed opportunities or limited to no cash flow being possible on many properties.

Add on top the potential for missed payments from tenants and the traditional one or two-unit properties no longer appear to be viable or are too risky for the average investor to take on.

Realtor’s Recipes


Brenda Schuiling and Mat Piche

Alfonso: With 15 plus years of residential real estate experience, first she's an investor, and a landlord, and now as a licensed realtor. She is on absolute fire right now. And the hummingbird the news is that, she as early as last night closed on winning a duplex with multiple offers. Still getting in and owning, getting those properties accepted.