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Hello Fellow REITE Club members, hope you are having a fantastic day !

We are consolidating some of our U.S SFH investment properties so that we can focus on our larger MFH portfolio. We are presenting this as a private deal for our fellow members, before we open it up to our larger network of wholesalers and finally on MLS.

For Sale is one of our strong cash flowing U.S properties with a govt secured tenant (working mom with 2 kids) in place for the last 2 years (section 8 tenant where the govt has guaranteed the rent payments) in the Detroit area - The property is professionally managed by a fantastic property managed team and is completely Turn Key!

If you are a passive/remote real estate investor and would like a high cashflow property investment then this one is for you. The Govt. guaranteed rent is $US 1205 per month, tenant pays all utilities, property management fee is 10%.

We completed a bank appraisal in Feb which came in at $US140K, we are currently asking for $145K which is currently a very competitive listing price and looking for serious enquiries only.

If interested, please email me at for more details. Thank You

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