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We have endless opportunities right now - you money could be out making money in just a few days...

Here is a snapshot of what we have available right now:

We help regular people like you and me be the "bank" for a change and loan out in private mortgages to our pre-approved and highly screened borrowers.

Private Mortgages are where you are registered on title on closing as security and can use your RRSP, LIRA, TFSA, HELOC (accessing equity in your home), and cash

All of our borrowers are either Flipping or BRRRR'ing (Buy-Reno-Rent-Refinance-Rinse-Repeat) and meet our specific qualifying criteria of having excellent credit ratings, they own other real estate and are full time (no HGTV trained part timers!). These borrowers also have excellent repayment history with us having been clients for a while now.
Your returns are below and remember that the borrower pays for all fees and costs:

80% Loan to Value 10% (8% interest only payments & 2% lender fee)
90% Loan to Value 11% (9% interest only payments & 2% lender fee)
100% Loan to Value 12% (9% interest only payments & 3% lender fee)

Right now the loan amounts are as little as $70,000 for 1st mortgages in secondary markets to over $300,000 in larger markets We can combine close family members registered accounts like RRSP, LIRA and TFSA's to make up one mortgage if you don't have sufficient funds in one account. Great way to help family members accelerate their returns and income especially if they are closer to retirement!

Next Steps:

For Experienced Lenders: If you are not new to this, then just let us know how much you have in available funds and when your funds would be available and we can send you some current opportunities to consider.

Newer to Private Lending: Let's figure out what investment is right for you and your own personal circumstances, finances, risk tolerance and needs. We would like to get to know you better by having you answer a few easy questions and then scheduling a time to chat. You are under no obligation to move forward, we would just welcome an opportunity to create a customized plan to help with your wealth creation in real estate without being the landlord!

Email or call 289-800-9620 to get an consultation booked asap.

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