Real Estate Stats Hamilton St. Catharines Oct 2020

Submitted by on Thu, 12/17/2020 - 11:53

Average 1 Bedroom: $1280 down 5.2% MoM and down .8% YoY
Average 2 Bedroom: $1620 up 1.2% MoM and up 8% YoY

St. Catharines:
Average 1 Bedroom: $1300 no change MoM and up 3.2% YoY
Average 2 Bedroom: $1550 up 3.3% MoM and up 3.3% YoY

Average 1 Bedroom: $2000 down 2.4% MoM and down 14.9% YoY
Average 2 Bedroom: $2650 no change MoM and down 11.7% YoY

St. Catharines and Hamilton rents have been very close in recent months, with St. Catharines average 1 bedrooms now listing slightly higher than Hamilton. As we enter the colder months, there is seasonality in rental cycles which may be reflected in Hamilton's decline though we are still seeing high demand for rentals in the area.

Hamilton, ON One-bedroom rent experienced the biggest monthly decline, falling 5.2% to $1,280. This city also dropped 2 rankings to become the 13th most expensive market.

Toronto, ON saw one-bedroom rent drop 2.4% last month to settle at $2,000, while two-bedrooms remained flat at $2,650.