Hello, Great to be Here!

Submitted by paul@paulcopcutt.com on Tue, 03/30/2021 - 18:33
Hello Reite Club Community, excited to be in the redesigned home and getting to know you. When I am not helping The REITE club with all things Marketing and Branding I am working with real estate investors on building their brands and businesses. Outside of that I am a big fan of craft brewers (well I am Britsh after all!!), so cannot wait to get back out there sampling all the new beers and matching that with some of the great food many of them offer. Also, have a long-term travelling plan to visit all the music museums in North America first and then beyond. Rock and roll Hall of Fame is the favourite so far but looking forward to exploring many others.

- April 01, 2021

Hey Paul - we are really happy that you're supporting us here at The REITE Club. And I for one am with you on sampling craft beer (and wine!) Can't wait to get out there again and especially start attending live concerts. What a concept - live music!!!!