Hello/Bonjour Beautiful People

Submitted by Danielle Cardinal on Fri, 04/09/2021 - 12:51
I am newly onboard the REI adventure and I am jumping in with my introduction. My rental unit in the basement of my home has been my introduction to this exciting world and I want to learn more. In addition, I would like to build passive income streams that will allow me to work smarter not harder. In a nutshell, I love to learn, network and travel so anticipate that this is a brilliant "win-win" with the REI world. Building community is also one of my main drivers as it has proven to be so rewarding and necessary in these unusual times for a social thriver like me. Thank you in advance to those who have been generous with their advice, time and patience as I navigate new territory.

- April 12, 2021

Welcome Danielle and well done for getting started in REI. You are definitely in the right place to network and learn.

- April 13, 2021

Welcome to the REITE Club, that's awesome. I love passive income and having multiple streams of income. Have you attended some of our virtual events? We have one coming up this Wednesday - April 14th. I'd love to meet you. Cheers :)

- April 13, 2021

Hi Danielle! We are happy to see you here. Just like you, I love to "learn, network and travel". We can learn and network right now... and travel is soon to come again.

- April 15, 2021

Welcome! Nice to 'meet' you! I too am new to the world of REI ... I enjoy learning from folks personal experiences, and connecting with the experts to make the visions come to reality - I look forward to hearing more about your growth and journey - and 'seeing' you at some of the events!

- July 28, 2021

I love that you are able to identify the social and community building aspect of your motivation. It sounds as if you are finding joy in the process which is key for any sizable project!