Hello Hello and Hi!!

Submitted by Mary-Jane Lightfoot on Fri, 04/09/2021 - 15:26
Just a quick note to say hello to everyone. My son sent me your podcasts. I am a sales rep in the flooring business so I am in my car most of the day and I have had many of you this week keeping me company !! I really enjoyed your podcasts and the energy everyone has! I enjoy being around and part of a group of positive upbeat people that are "doers". I like to focus and then take action but I have very little knowledge in REI. I look forward to growing with you!!

- April 12, 2021

What a smart son you have - LOL! So glad you are enjoying the podcasts, there is lots more for you to dive in here but not all of it to enjoy in the car! This might prove to be a great network for you for your flooring business too :)

- April 15, 2021

Hi Mary-Jane - Glad to hear you're enjoying the podcasts - I'm fairly new to the REI world too and am finding the education and connections (I love how folks share their REAL stories - the good, bad & ugly) to open my eyes to possibilities - and into a new career and goals I've set for myself. I've just read Paul's comment re: this possibly being a great network for you and your flooring business ... there IS a lot of construction and contractors going on with those in the community! Again - Welcome!