What Would you Like to See for Investors in the Federal Budget Next Week?

Submitted by paul@paulcopcutt.com on Wed, 04/14/2021 - 10:40

Not be a political debate :) On the recent REITE Experience presentation from Robert Hogue, RBC Senior Economist there was some suggestion that the government may be considering introducing ways to cool the current hot housing market. Investors probably do not want to see 40% deposits and no one wants to see capital gains on primary residences. But what would you like to see? Or what are you concerned you might see?

- April 14, 2021

I would like to see them leave everything alone. Have just read a few articles from analysts that say this is not the first time the market has "overheated" and things generally sort themselves out. One analyst said that any government who tried to take away Canadians' exemption for capital gains on private residences would be kicked out of office so fast their heads would spin! Not to mention that any other country who charges a tax on private residential sales ALSO allow owners to deduct their mortgage payments from their income tax. Can't see that happening any time soon. Time will tell but I think there's a lot of rumours and leaks by government "sources" trying to soften any blow that might fall. So again, my opinion is to leave things alone.