New and Saying Hi! :)

Submitted by on Fri, 04/30/2021 - 11:23
Hello All, Excited to be here, a bit about me: Sports and Fitness enthusiast, part time Personal Trainer and working in the IT field full time. I found the Reite Club a while ago, attended one meeting (a year ago??), and hid in the corner haha. I purchased my first property December 2019, renovated and now renting out the upper floor and the extra bedroom on my floor. Now I am looking for insight on what I need to do to acquire more properties, including how to finance, what I should be looking for on a second property etc, and I would love to learn more about multi-family commercial investments as well! Like most starting out (especially in the pandemic) I am a bit nervous/concerned about what steps to take next and how the market will change over the next year. Thank you everyone, and looking forward to meeting a bunch of you! -Ryan (note: I tried editing this about 4 times to look nicer, but here we are haha).

- April 30, 2021

Great to 'see' you here Ryan and that you survived and moved forward from hiding in the corner :). Yes, the editing function needs some work but hey you posted and that is the most important thing. Congratulations on the first property and rentals. We did have a multi-family workshop series earlier this year - did you attend? The replays and resources are still available for purchase if not.

- April 30, 2021

Welcome Ryan great to connect with you and congrats on your success so far purchasing your first property! that is awesome :)

- May 04, 2021

Hey Ryan, so much potential! I recommend you connect with a good mortgage broker that can assist you with building a plan to grow your portfolio. Refinancing is often part of the solution... we have amazing REITE Partners: The Windrose Group, Mission 35, and BM Select. They have teams of experts to help you grow. Feel free to send me a message to find out more about my journey. I'd love to connect.