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At BDO, we help our Investment and REITE clients take advantage of opportunities and tackle the issues they’re facing, every day. Along with traditional audit and tax services, which include financial reporting and compliance support, BDO also offers tax planning, valuation and internal control support services – helping our clients in countless way better understand, grow, and protect their assets.

Real estate and construction companies operate in a highly competitive, increasingly complex environment. Skilled labour shortages, fluctuating interest rates, and other market-drivers must continuously be assessed in terms of both short - and long - term needs. BDO helps clients manage the industry’s most critical issues through our dedicated Real Estate and Construction Practice. Our professionals have specialized experience serving clients in land development, home building, real estate investment trusts (REITEs), and commercial real estate, and have worked with a wide variety of foreign and domestic investors. In an industry highly sensitive to large-scale economic trends, BDO provides a wide variety of services to help clients plan for shifts in the market driven by a multitude of factors, ranging from economic volatility to government regulations and evolving consumer preferences. Our accounting, advisory and tax specialists, in Canada and through our international network in over 150 countries, assist clients with the complexities of structuring international real estate projects, public-private infrastructure projects and multi-use properties.

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