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We understand the importance of recognizing your legal responsibilities and determining areas of concern so they are addressed before mistakes are made. To us, prevention is less expensive, but significantly more valuable, than recovering from a trial-and-error approach. Our expertise equals your security. We are able to do meetings, close deals and complete signings via Zoom virtual platform throughout the Province of Ontario.

Our Customer Loyalty Ladder Program provides savings for each file/matter opened with us on any area of law that we practice. Here is what it looks like: Level 1 - 5% off legal fees for 2nd file/matter opened with us Level 2 - 10% off legal fees for 3rd file/matter opened with us Level 3 - 15% off legal fees for 4th file/matter opened with us Level 4 - 20% off legal fees for 5th file/matter opened with us Level 5 - 25% off legal fees for 6th and all future files/matter with us

We work with people, helping them with significant life events such as real estate transactions, business growth, idea protection, planning for one's passing or incapacitation, and executing one's final wishes after death. We treat people the way we, ourselves, want to be treated, with respect, dignity, and positive energy. We are constantly working to improve upon our clients' experience by focusing on three key areas: Communication, Technology and Education.

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