The Windrose Group

The Windrose Group is led by Claire Drage, CEO and is a Top 1% Mortgage Alliance Team focused on guiding our clients to their best financing options. Windrose strives to guide you towards building your wealth in real estate. no matter your goals - focused on providing the best guidance to help you make sound real estate decisions. Our team is focused on catering to real estate investors by building wealth through 3 different strategies:

• Quick Cash - Strategies for quick capital growth
• Cash Flow - Generating a monthly income
• Portfolio Income - Your money making money

Our expertise and knowledge help counsel our clients on the best strategies to increase their wealth in order to achieve their long-term goals. Providing one of a kind customized Real Estate Investment Financing Plans for real estate investors wanting to scale up with a real plan. The Windrose Group is known for being specialists as opposed to generalists and fully understand all aspects of real estate investing from cost of funds, acquisition, endless capital, minimizing your tax burden , asset protection and so much more - a dream partnership and power team member!

Here are the team investor focused specialists (don't forget, they can all do regular mortgages too!):

• Claire Drage - CEO & Private Lending Specialist

• Amiel Jelinek - Commercial Financing Guru

• Angie Pettyjohn - Creative solutions for flips and brrrrs

• Celia Schneider - Habla espanol! Strategic thinker for flips n buy n holds!

• Jodi Habel - New real estate investors that might need some hand holding to get started!


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