Reserve-Wait-Assign (RWA)

Ramp Up Your Financial Wealth With The Reserve-Wait-Assign Strategy!

Just like Daniel and Laurel, co-founders of The REITE Club, some of our REITE Club community members already use the Reserve-Wait-Assign Strategy.

Pre-construction condos

It’s not a new strategy but we thought you’d like to know more about it.

Here’s a quick summary of the RWA strategy:

  • RESERVE some pre-construction condo units or houses based on our criteria
  • WAIT until the condo building or the house is almost finished
  • ASSIGN the unit to another investor or home buyer at a higher price than what we reserved it for

Want to know more details as in the why and the how?

We have three great video resources for you:

Why you should pay attention to the RWA strategy and approach - Click here to watch
This session was recorded during a live event at the Holiday Inn in Burlington, Ontario. It’s about 17 minutes long and it explains the concept and gives you examples of numbers.

How to be successful with the RWA Strategy - Click here to watch
This was a recorded Lunch & Learn webinar of about 30 minutes.  

RWA Strategy questions answered - Click here to watch
This was a 45-minute session of Frequently Asked Questions where we addressed the common questions and maybe some questions you might not have thought of!