Daniel St-Jean

Personal Profile

Daniel is an entrepreneur to the core! As part of his entrepreneurial journey, he has generated millions of dollars of business for his clients, customers, affiliates, investors, students, and himself. Daniel and his wife, Laurel, started their real estate investing business—Safe & Sound Real Estate Investment Group—in the Spring of 2010. Since then, they have purchased 60+ properties worth over $25 million—100% financed with Other People’s Money.

Daniel’s big WHY is to be able to go on vacation and travel the world with Laurel at least 6 months of the year. And he’s making it happen because Daniel regards obstacles as opportunities in disguise! Above all, Daniel loves to help others, which is one of the reasons he wanted to start The REITE Club.

Connect with us

As stated elsewhere, 12 buy-and-hold and 51 RTO acquisitions over an 11-year period.
Looking For
I'm looking for investors who want to do JVs with me for new RTO deals, or simply to be passive investors using their cash, lines of credit or RRSPs to earn a great ROI hands-off and hassle-free.
A lot of experience setting up RTO deals. Great investment opportunities. I can teach real estate investors the revolutionary way to set up Joint Ventures that I invented and used 62 times successfully.
Preferred Strategy
Client-first Rent To Own. So far we have set-up 51 such deals.
Secondary Strategy
Buy-and-Hold...but only in high-rent neighborhoods and handled by a property manager.