Laurel Simmons

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I'm a co-founder of this club. I bought my first investment rental property many years ago and now work with my husband, Daniel St-Jean, in our real estate investing company where we specialize in rent-to-own plus some buy & hold and pre-construction condos.

After over three decades working (and traveling) in the consulting world, I now travel to WHERE I want WHEN I want and for as LONG as I want (pandemics permitting!) My passion is wine and travel – in 2014, we moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario where I studied full time wine-making and viticulture at Niagara College. I have dragged Daniel to taste wines in places all around the world, including the wonderful wineries in our own back yard (and I've yet to hear one complaint!)

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10+ years - started with nothing and built up to over 60 doors - have sold quite a few now
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People to connect with who are supportive and willing to share information, their network, and their experiences
Coaching, mentoring, experience, smiles, a vast network
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buy and hold