JAAG Properties – Hassle Free Investing Tour – CHATHAM

  • March 3 - Chatham
    March 3, 2020
    12:45 pm - 3:00 pm

Education, Knowledge and Understanding

Do you or have you ever had a client that you had to previously turn away as they were unable to obtain a mortgage?

Learn how you can still make your commission with these clients through JAAG’ Properties’ successful Rent-to-Own program!

Industry expert and Rent-To-Own Specialist Alfonso Salemi will outline how JAAG Properties has helped over 150 families achieve their goal of homeownership!

Alfonso is the Co-Founder of JAAG Properties. He and his team have put together over 150 Rent-To-Own programs for Tenant Buyers. JAAG will provide knowledge and understanding of the benefit of their RTO program to Realtors, Brokers and clients.

Come out and discover how there is a real opportunity to make commission and referral fees when traditional mortgage options are limited for their clients.

Take advantage of our free 2-hour seminar while we are in your area.

To register e-mail info@JAAGProperties.com

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