Monthly Event – February 25th 2020

  • Monthly Event - February 25th 2020
    February 25, 2020
    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

BRRRR Your Way to Long-Term Wealth 

with Brittany Arnason and Sarah Larbi

Uncover a repeatable system that leverages your time, reduces headaches and gives you solid cash flow each month

With so many different real estate strategies available it can appear daunting and somewhat confusing to know which one to pick and then when you do what are the steps you need to take to be successful.

The extra challenge is once you have determined this is the right strategy how do you go about it, what’s involved, what are the pitfalls and the mistakes to avoid?

Brittany Arnason and Sarah Larbi are teaming up to bring their incredible energy, spark, and passion to share their creative strategies and lessons growing their multi-unit rental portfolio’s using the BRRR method all while working 9-5+. They’ll share some deals and go through their best tips and strategies … and some mistakes they’ve each made along the way!

Meet Brittany:
27-year-old Britt has been investing in real estate full time now for two years. It’s her passion, her obsession – and she’s loving the ups and downs of her experience so far. Brittany LOVES to be able to do everything DIY on her properties – she’s ALL in getting her hands dirty and learning the trades. Social media has been a huge benefit in her investing career and she shares all of her journey with over 100,000 Instagram followers at @investorgirlbritt

Brittany’s focus is in Saskatchewan using the BRRRR strategy with 13 properties that have great cash flow. Her process is to get in the smaller markets to find the deals and is excited about the next stage of her business by recently researching self-storage and apartment buildings.

Meet Sarah:
Sarah has earned the trust and respect of the real estate investing space by having the drive and focus to embark, build and grow a seven-figure, 12 property investment portfolio by her mid-30’s … all whilst full-time employed.
Her goal is to inspire and train other fellow Canadian’s to realize their own property-owning dreams through her mentoring, consulting and online training programs. This has helped her students go from first property, whilst fully employed, to planning retirement in around 10-15 years.
Sarah has been featured in The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, 1010 News Talk Radio, and Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine as well as numerous online media.  She has been an invited back speaker at the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Investor Forum and been a guest on many North American finance-focused podcasts.
She hosts her own podcast “Where Should I Invest?”, which reached the Top 50 of All Time for Canadian Investing on Apple podcasts. Sarah is also co-founder of The REITE club and co-hosts their own successful podcast.

Building Generational Wealth Through Student Rentals – Andrew Hines

Student rentals are among the most stable investments in Canada. They can protect you from market fluctuations that can negatively impact other investments. When done right, an investment strategy focused on building a portfolio of quality student rentals and income generation through smart value-add can create financial freedom and long term wealth.

Join us for a presentation on the winning strategy that has helped Andrew Hines accumulate millions in real estate holdings using virtually none of his own money and no JV partners. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The economics of student rental investing
  • How to secure financing, including long-term strategies for continued approvals
  • The best value-add renovations that keep appraisers happy
  • How to ‘steer’ appraisal requests so they’re picked up by qualified appraisers
  • Property management hacks
  • How to pick the right location
  • How to select and work with the right contractors
  • And more…

Student rentals are a business, and knowing the basics before getting started is a must. Andrew will cover the corporate and financing structures that have worked for him. And he’ll share what makes a good location, layout and offering. It’s not enough to make students happy, you’ll need to satisfy their parents too! 

The strategies presented will teach you to run your rentals profitably and with positive cash flow. Andrew will share how he’s been able to maintain good relationships with his tenants, collect rent hassle-free and structure leases for success with parental guarantors. 

Andrew Hines is a real estate investor from Burlington, Ontario and host of The Andrew Hines Real Estate Investing Podcast. He invests primarily in student rentals in London, Ontario and has accumulated approximately $4M in real estate holdings.

As the host of his podcast, Andrew leads discussions about investing strategies, including how to execute the BRRRR method – a method Andrew advocates for achieving financial independence.

Andrew credits his value-add approach to real estate investing for his proficiency in construction management, building and development.  A skilled entrepreneur, not only does Andrew own several companies, including a construction general contractor, he has also built out multiple investment property units in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. All this while managing his own investment portfolio! 

Through smart real estate investing, Andrew has created generational wealth. And now he’s helping others build their own legacy.



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