The REITE Experience

Interested in learning more about pre-construction?

Join us and our expert panel on Wed, 24 February from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Eastern as we explore the alternative options that pre-construction offers for real estate investors. And stay for the virtual networking. Here's our lineup for the evening.

Pre-Construction Panel

  • Nathalie Cloutier: Doing BRRRR and dealing with singles up to 4 plexes
  • Jason Boccinfuso: Pre-construction condos
  • Michael Richter: Pre-construction behind the scenes including warranties, knowing your numbers and your market, dealing with delays and being financially prepared
  • Natasha Phipps: Pre-construction in western Canada


  • Daniel Patton & Dave Butler: Financing for pre-construction
  • Shawn Quigg: What to look for in pre-construction contracts
  • Alex Bell: Insuring pre-construction projects
  • Daniel St-Jean: 8 criteria for buying pre-construction

REITE Success Story

  • Jason Boccinfuso

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Pre-construction - an alternative real estate investing opportunity