Monthly Event – April 23rd

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Ken Bekendam – Legal Second Suites – Don’t get caught by surprise! What every investor needs to know about zoning and building code requirements

Learn how to be able to analyze a property online and determine zoning compliance. Gain clarity around different interpretations of the Ontario Building Code and how they impact legal second suites.

Do you want to get caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare? Do you want to end up paying fees and fines that you weren’t even aware existed? Do you want to tear your hair out dealing with rules and regulations instead of actually making money with your second suite?

If you answer “NO” to even ONE of those questions, then you need to hear Ken Bekendam of King Homes come out and tell you how to make sure your legal second suite truly is legal. Ken will talk about:

  • How you can analyze a property online and determine zoning compliance
  • What the Ontario Building Code means to you and why you need to be able to interpret it
  • Why your interpretation of the Ontario Building Code might not meet the standard and why that might cost you money… and what to do about it!

Rochelle Laflamme and Alisa Thompson – The Ninja’s Guide to Market Cycles – Why there are no “up” markets or “down” markets, only “opportunity” markets!

Ninjas are crafty! Sometimes they strike boldly and cut off their opponents’ heads. Sometimes they lie in wait and catch their enemies in an inescapable trap. In this presentation, Rochelle and Alisa will show you how to be a real estate ninja so you can make money in EVERY kind of market!
If you are waiting for the market to “adjust” before pulling the trigger, Rochelle and Alisa will show you a better way! Don’t wait for the market to adjust, adjust your strategy! You will learn:

  • How to know where you are in the market cycle.
  • Which strategies work best at each stage of the cycle.
  • The best strategies for passive and active investors.
  • How to make money in ANY market.

Rochelle and Alisa were our guests on The REITE Club podcast, listen to them here

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