Monthly Event – June 18th


Shawn Allen- Factory Flipping: The 5 Key Factors to Making Major Cash Flipping Houses This Year

There are big profits to be made in a short amount of time when flipping houses – if you do it correctly. In this presentation,

Shawn will review the 5 areas where the money is made (and lost) and will go into detail on actual projects he has completed that has led him to create a successful Flipping business. 

Laurel  Simmons- Noises & Voices

“Noises and voices?”, you ask. “What’s that got to do with real estate?”

Hear from one of our founders, Laurel Simmons, about why paying attention to those noises and voices are so important for the real estate investor.

Laurel will shine the spotlight on these issues:

  • What are the noises that every real estate investor has to deal with?
  • Whose voices? And how are they costing you time, money, effort and progress?
  • What questions can sidetrack the real estate investor?

Laurel promises to make it entertaining and enlightening at the same time. She doesn’t like being bored and she’ll make sure you aren’t either!

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