Monthly Event – September 18th

Presenter – Dylan Suitor

How Goal Setting made 150 Doors a Reality!

If you have ever wanted to know how to succeed in real estate investing and growing your number of doors through goal setting and growth mindset, don’t miss this event. Dylan Suitor will share how he made 150 doors a reality and the steps he took.

Description of Topic: Growth is what it’s all about, we never stop learning.  Come prepared to learn about goal setting, and how having a healthy mindset, through continuous education and training can help you grow in real estate investing and see your number of doors and rental income grow to new heights. 

Dylan is always striving to be a better version of himself, he is all about growing through learning, reading and challenges.

In his presentation, Dylan is ready and willing to teach you the steps that helped him on to the road towards real estate success and hopefully a very early retirement.  Let’s get you on the road to double digits deals and on the road to real estate health and wealth. 

He will have you walking away feeling you got a lot of value out of the evening not just in your real estate growth but also tips and tricks that you can use each and every day.  

Passionate about real estate from a young age, Dylan Suitor started on his investment journey with his first property at 18 years old and never looked back. Always finding himself in sales and commission based positions, 

Dylan found his true passion in buying and selling real estate. Becoming a real estate agent initially to represent himself (which he doesn’t recommend), quickly turned into a passion of helping others achieve their real estate investing goals. A true believer in work harder on yourself than anything else, Dylan Suitor is happy to share some of his real-life experiences as well as a proven system on how to achieve your goals. Dylan’s top priority is to add value to every conversation.

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