What’s In a Name?

We’ve changed our name! Yes, over the summer we did a lot of thinking and planning and decided that now was the time.

So from now on, we’ll be known as The REITE Club – The Real Estate Investing Training & Education Club. And yes, we’re pronouncing it as if we were saying “The Right Club”!

Why? Because words and names are important. And as we listened to you, our supporters, participants, and sponsors, we realized that we were limiting all of us by using the name The Southern Ontario Real Estate Investing Club. The awareness of our club is growing, and we want to leverage that awareness so that we all benefit.

We are also laying the foundation for online participation and online resources to be available. Offering online services means a much farther reach for The REITE Club, and we want to be sure that those who discover us understand that the resources we offer are not just focused on southern Ontario.

For those with an eagle eye, you’ll notice that we also added the word “Education” to the club name; instead of being just a training club, we’re a training and education club. Is there a difference? We think so. For us, training is more hands-on and participatory, while education is more focused on reference material and resources that can be used on an as-required basis.

The bottom line, though, is that The REITE Club will continue to offer to anyone interested in learning about and participating in real estate investing the best speakers, workshops, and resources that we can find. We’re committed to growing the club in reach and in the value that we offer. We are working hard to make sure that The REITE Club is the right place for you to learn, network and grow.

So when we say, “Come Grow With Us,” we mean it. We want all of you who support us to grow in your knowledge, your network, your net worth, your expertise and your confidence. We know that the real estate investing pie is huge and that by sharing and working together, we can make that pie grow even bigger.

So please, come grow with us. We promise that you’ll enjoy what we’ve got planned for the immediate future and for the months and years ahead.

All of us here at The REITE Club look forward to seeing you again in September. We hope that you’ve had a fabulous summer and are ready to jump back into the fall season with gusto!

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