October 30th Monthly Meeting – The Devil is in the Details!

TUESDAY OCTOBER 30th – 7 pm to 10 pm

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Speed the Process of Financial Freedom with Student Rentals
Rene Masse

After the 2008 stock market crash, René was fed up with volatile markets and poor returns on his retirement savings.

In 2009, René acquired training and licensure as a real estate investor and began purchasing investment properties while continuing to operate his business as a contractor.

Over as little as 5 years, his monthly cash flow grew substantially so that he was able to significantly reduce his time spent at work in exchange for time spent with his family.

REI Horror Stories

We have all heard the nightmare Real Estate stories and many of us have our own horror stories to tell.  Well, we would like to hear them at our October 30th meeting, the day before Halloween.

For our panel section of the monthly meeting, we are looking for three people to share that nightmare story that taught you a big lesson and that everyone can learn from.

Share your horror story – please fill in the brief form by clicking here or copy and paste  https://thereiteclub.com/horror-stories


How to Pay Down a Mortgage – Faster!
Chris Nichilo

Chris Nichilo is a speaker, author and personal finance expert. He is a passionate volunteer minor hockey coach in the winters, and enjoys playing competitive baseball with friends in the summer. His formal education is in the field of psychology.

His proprietary system called “The Method” teaches the average Canadian how to eliminate their mortgage in less than 13 years, saving well over $100,000, without making extra payments by leveraging the banks’ money!

And for investors, Chris will show you how you can turn your home into a wealth building machine by combining The Method with Canada’s fastest growing and most predictable investment vehicle.

For a sneak preview, click here to see Chris in action, teaching The Method in Vancouver to a room full of BC mortgage professionals click here to watch

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