Creative Approach to Marketing, Content Creation & Podcasting

Creative Approach to Marketing, Content Creation & Podcasting

Guest: Bruce Outridge, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, and Television Host

Great branding and marketing strategies are the most important aspects of starting a business. In addition, your "why" is the most important aspect of your business. In fact, it can actually make or break your business. This week's guest, Bruce Outridge, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, and Television Host, provides insights and advice on marketing strategies, content creation and podcasting.

His main message is that thinking outside of the box will help separate your business from other similar businesses and keeping it real and genuine is very important because people see right through that and you won't get very far.

In this episode you will learn about:

- Where do the ideas come from?

- Different types of marketing

- Tips on thinking outside of the box

- Branding insights and advice

- The different ways to make money on podcasts

- Podcast editing tips and tricks

Bruce Outridge's services include: helping people be more creative, content marketing, art entertainment for events, and inspiration for people to help them create the lives they want. He does this through his podcasts, books, articles, television show, and as a motivational speaker.

When your inspiration is drawing, writing, and speaking it can only lead to a person being creative and possibly even a motivational speaker. Bruce started drawing at the age of 10 years old and had to learn it on his own as he found art classes at school didn’t include drawing instruction. In fact, he used to get detentions in school for what he now charges hundreds of dollars for an hour in his art business.

At 16, Bruce's passion for drawing turned to driving and he fell in love with the process. He spent 25 years driving transport trucks across North America which taught him more about dealing with people than school ever did. Bruce still works very closely with the trucking industry speaking on business and careers for the industry. In fact, he has his own podcast for truck drivers calledThe Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers.

At the age of 40, Bruce went back to school and that kicked off his entrepreneurial career. He learned creative writing, marketing, business, and he uses all of those skills in his business today. Since starting his art business back in 2003 on a part-time basis, Bruce took it full time in 2006 and stopped driving trucks. Since that time he has created comic books, built an art business, expanded into a consulting business, and now as a professional speaker.

Bruce is a professional member of many local and international organizations such as CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), ISCA (International Society of Caricature Artists), Oakville Arts Council, ACC (Association of Canadian Cartoonists), Burlington Chamber of Commerce, and Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council

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