Scale Up and Power Up Your Passive Income!

Join us at the Holiday Inn Burlington on Saturday, October 5th, 2019 where Dylan Suitor will be hosting an event where he shares how to scale your portfolio.

Dylan will reveal how you can turn the money YOU WORK for into money YOU’VE WORKED for. Everyone knows the “Would you take a dollar today or two dollars tomorrow?” question, but every true investor knows that in their control the dollar TODAY can be THREE or MORE tomorrow!

So if you’re growing your Real Estate portfolio…

Dylan’s Power Team will be in attendance and together Dylan and his team will take you through the steps from the pre-approval process all the way to closing, renovating, and safely pre-screening and finding the tenant.

This super-charged day will have new investors raring to go and veteran investors sharpening their skills!

At this event, we’ve built in the time so that you can speak with Dylan or his Power Team about specific questions you want answering with personalized advice for your situation.

Learn/hear from powerhouses in the business – Claire Drage, Ken Bekendam, Ryan Carson and George Dube!


Regular price $99 +HST until midnight Oct 3rd

$139 + HST at the door

Pre-registration CLOSES at midnight on October 3rd, 2019. Don’t miss out on this amazing event where you will learn how to scale up and power up your passive income opportunities! 

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8:30 AM – Arrive and Coffee

8:45-9:45 AM – Scaling your portfolio – Claire Drage

9:45-10:30 AM – Lawyer – Carson Law

10:30-10:45 AM – BREAK

10:45-11:30 AM – Accounting – George Dube

11:30-12:15 AM – Real Estate Strategies Pro’s and Con’s – Dylan Suitor

12:15-1:15 PM – LUNCH

1:15-2:15 PM – Conversion Process – Ken Bekendam

2:15-2:30 PM – BREAK


4:00-5:00 PM – Question and Answer Panel with speakers

2 thoughts on “Scale Up and Power Up Your Passive Income!

  • I went to this event and it was fantastic!! I learned so much from every speaker. It inspired me to go home and do more research on the topics covered and to start making goals now for how to achieve the passive income I want in the future. Thank you for a fantastic Saturday!

    • Thank you for the feedback Bronwyn, so glad that you found the day so helpful. We certainly look to add as much value, learning and education we can at our events so it’s nice to hear.

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