September 5th Monthly Meeting


  • Your Network is Your Networth: The Importance of Networking  – – Speakers – Sarah Larbi, Daniel St Jean & Alfonso Salemi
  • Battle of the Investors – Flip v Buy & Hold Family Feud Style Lightning Round Hosted by Jenn Richter
  • Building Your Power Team – Experts Panel 
Your Network is your Networth: The Importance of Networking 
Speakers: Sarah, Daniel and Alfonso will each share how networking has got them to where they are today
They will share tips on how to be successful at networking and how it has changed their lives over time.
Battle of the Investors – Flip v Buy & Hold Family Feud Style Lightning Round Hosted By Jenn Richter
Prepare yourself to witness an epic battle of timeless proportion between investors using the buy-and-hold strategy and the flipping strategy! Choose a side and cheer on your team in this real estate investor version of the Family Feud game show, showcasing our members!
Building Your Power Team
To be a successful investor you must surround yourself with real estate experts in their respective field who will help guide you towards the dream life you want to live and to the wealth you are seeking. As investors, you want to ensure you have the following key members as part of your success team: A mortgage broker, lawyer, accountant, realtor and paralegal. We have picked some of the top experts in those respective fields to share their expertise and knowledge. They will provide some up to date information, talk about new changes we should be aware of as investors, and some of their best tips and strategies you must know to be successful investing in real estate.

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