August 6, 2018

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What’s Keeping You…From Getting All The Success You Want With Your Real Estate Investing Business?

A Special Report from Daniel St Jean and Laurel Simmons where 50 Real Estate Investing Experts Share Their Thoughts
on the Biggest Obstacles to Your Success. Click to download  Biggest Obstacle Special Report-PART-ONE



10 Tenant Book Look

10 Steps to Finding, Screening and Keeping Great Tenants from Sarah Larbi

Most new investors (and even the experienced ones) are terrified of having bad or “professional” tenants in the rental properties. After all, it is the horror stories that make the news and the more interesting conversations at a dinner table.

Don’t get caught in the trap of losing money on your properties by not finding the best tenants.

Click to download  10 Steps to Finding, Screening and Keeping Great Tenants


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