The REITE Club – Tuesday, October 22nd – Monthly Event

Why Belts, Buckles and Bling is Bullsh*t – How to Effectively Raise Capital for Real Estate Investing

John Heeney

No matter the stage of your real estate investing journey, there is a very common and discouraging barrier: “WHERE DO I GET THE MONEY TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE?”  Raising capital seems intimidating, but DO NOT allow it to crush your investment dreams.  Others will tell you it’s all about the flash and presentation.   John’s here to tell you that “belts, buckles and bling” is bullshit.  In this presentation, he will talk about the real art to pitching the deal and how to define, attract and qualify your ideal investor.


In 2011, this hard-working dairy farmer transitioned the family business out of agriculture and into real estate investing using other people’s money.  With a real estate portfolio worth more than $15M, John Heeney is known for his joint venture expertise and his knowledge of using private money and RRSP funds for lending purposes. 

How to Scale Your Business

Jared Hope

Traditional buy and hold investing teaches us to hold onto a property for 25 years.  We hear it from the banks and likely from parents who are risk-averse or have a poor man mentality. And hey, maybe when you have a lot of money on the line, a little risk aversion might not sound so bad.   But what if we told you 8 is the new 25.  What if we told you that you can grow your real estate portfolio faster AND protect your investment at the same time.  Have you been leaving A LOT of time and money on the table following an old school train of thought?  Have you unintentionally left your portfolio unprotected and open to risk? In this presentation, Jared will be sharing with you his “25 in 8” and “Big Brother” strategies, how he’s used these to grow his portfolio to over 150 properties, and how you could benefit from applying these same approaches.

JARED HOPE With over 150 properties in his portfolio and having 400+ transactions under his belt, Jared Hope is the owner of Edmonton’s most comprehensive real estate investment and property management company.  He has developed a no bullsh*t approach to real estate investing that makes it easy for the average Canadian to own income property. Jared’s expertise is born of experience and focuses on action-oriented, practical advice.   He believes in cutting through the BS, evolving the way real estate investing education is provided, and supporting people in avoiding all the mistakes he learnt the hard way over the past 16 years.

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