Maximizing Cashflow by Maximizing Mindset with Ryan DeLaurentis

Ryan DeLaurentis is a commercial & multi-family real estate investor in Ontario. His company, DCI properties, focuses primarily on cash flow first investing. He purchases most of his properties with JV partners looking to supplement their income, prepare for retirement, or who just want a hands-off real estate investment with above average returns. 

Guest: Real Estate Investor, Ryan DeLaurentis

Primary Investment Strategy: Joint Venture Multi-family Investing

Portfolio:  20 properties, plus flips and wholesale deals

In this episode learn about: 
– Ways to maximize cashflow on MFPs
– Building your network
– Benefits of joining networking events
– Tips on finding deals

Get in touch with Ryan by email at or call 416-556-9221

More about Ryan:
Ryan and his wife have been investing in the London area for the past couple of years.  They are also very involved in their community, and try to give back to local charities and dog shelters whenever they can.

2 thoughts on “Maximizing Cashflow by Maximizing Mindset with Ryan DeLaurentis

  • What an amazing podcast! Ryan, I missed seeing and talking with you! I always feel great energy from you and Courtney 🙂 Very happy to hear about your huge progress in Real Estate and your thoughts on personal development resonate very closely to mine. We are looking forward to seeing you on Feb.21st at REITE club.

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