What I Learnt From Dalia Barsoum……and you can too!

FROM: Daniel St Jean, Co-Founder of The REITE Club
In November 2013, Laurel and I bought a pre-construction house for us in Niagara-on-the-Green where we were going to move in July 2014. Recognizing the opportunity, we also bought the 11 other houses in the 3 blocks around us for $3.125 million. We removed all the conditions so those were firm deals…and all we had to do was figure out over the next 6 months HOW we were going to finance that purchase.
At that point in time, we had set up a dozen RTO deals so we were doing pretty well-finding investors and financing…but we need to do better.
So when a friend of ours told us 2 weeks later about this financing seminar he was going to attend in Toronto the first weekend of December, we registered for it, paid the $1000 and booked our hotel for the weekend.
That was the seminar by Dalia Barsoum that changed our business life.
We learned so much that weekend that not only were we able to find financing for the 12 houses easily…we also set up 12 more RTO deals in 2014 using the tricks, tips and strategies we learned from Dalia.
It was well worth the $1000 and then some…
Fast forward to August 2018…that’s when I asked Dalia if she could compress that 2-day workshop into one day and she said she could. Then I asked if she could compress the $497 price per person to $497 for two people…and she said if you get 50 people in that room, I’ll do it for $99 per person.
So here we are folks, one week to the event that will be held in Burlington on the 22nd, we are 3/4 sold out…and I decided to send you this invitation because I know to my core that you will get wayyyyyyy more value from that full-day workshop than the money it will cost you.
View the 3-minute video with Dalia and Laurel at the top of this post…and run to register because I’m sending this to 83 people in my Rolodex…so those last 10 seats will go fast.
Here is the link to register – click here
And see you on the 22nd (yes…we’ll be there because even after 56 acquisitions worth over $22 million…we still think we can learn something from Dalia….)

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