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Mat Frederick and Sarah Larbi discuss the upcoming masterclass

Wisdom Conjunction……

Some of you enjoyed in your childhood a Saturday morning network television cartoon show from Schoolhouse Rock called Conjunction Junction by Bob Dorough. Well, there was a bigger lesson to learn than simple grammar!

It goes like this…

“Conjunction Junction what’s your function?  Hooking up words and phrases and clauses.“Conjunction Junction how is that done?  I got 3 favourite cars that get most of my work done….I got AND, BUT & OR… they will get you pretty far!” 

Some of you already know that I see things in a funky light, therefore, I saw more than just a cartoon.  

I have always wondered why 2 people trying the same steps can get totally different results?

I realized that just like the conjunctions AND, BUT & OR that join phrases, there are wisdom conjunctions that join steps, actions & strategies.  

Wisdom conjunctions are the “insights”, “techniques”, “tricks of the trade” and “experienced based understandings” that are developed over time at great cost but allow correct APPLICATION of action.  

Lessons are easily taught but the wisdom conjunctions that bind the steps together are usually not transferred therefore resulting in random success.  

The only ways to spot these missing elements are:

1. Accept that results are based on your actions
2. Be humble enough to do a self-evaluation
3. Be patient enough to spot and track changes in results
4. Be able to create a system based upon those results
5. Apply that new system and be ready to upgrade it

I have dedicated a lot of time to creating 600 “Wisdom Conjunctions” over the past 28 years through buy-hold, buy-fix-sell, rent-to-own, plaza, multi-family, joint venture & new development. Through my successes and failures, I have been able to package these Wisdom Conjunctions into teachable lessons with incredible results.  

I would love to teach you some of these lessons!

I am doing a special sneak peek online Masterclass, and it’s happening Tuesday, May 7th starting at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm Eastern (Toronto Time).
(If you’ve already registered for the call, fantastic!  Please SHARE with another investor!)

Here are the details:

What: No-cost online Masterclass

– An early discussion about simple solutions for complex roadblocks
– Gather problems to breach at my upcoming Saturday, June 1  one-day “Knowledge vs Application” workshop
– Steps to take between the May 7th (online) & June 1st (in-class workshop) to get the maximum benefit

To spend less time working in real estate and more time working on it because the goal is not to create a 2nd job but to spend more time living your life.
Who: Mathew Frederick. Real Estate Entrepreneur, Business Owner, & Mentor
When: Tuesday, May 7th starting at 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm Eastern (Toronto Time).
How: Click Here to register:  http://www.nidushub.com/online-mastermind/

At the April 23rd REITE Club event, I kicked off a 12 month series of 15-minute talks based upon actionable lessons. The first REITE Talk highlighted how to spot the most probable JV partner from 20 feet away by noting their standing position in a small group.  Instead of speaking to 100 people with 94 misses, it helps to pick the 6 influencers in the room that are the best probability for partnership.   

I also briefly spoke about which investors should come along for the ride, and where to seat them while viewing a JV property.  The goal was to assemble them in groups and arrange their seating in positions that would best motivate them and each other to take action.

Listen to what I said about Wisdom Conjunctions on April 23rd at The REITE Club

CLICK to REGISTER: https://nidushub.com/Reite-Talks-1/

Wouldn’t it be super to wipe away those little operational roadblocks and achieve the full 100% measure of your time and efforts?  Wisdom Conjunctions are designed to get results!

People spend lots of effort only to fail at the 90% mark 10 feet from the finish line continuously.  It’s not for a lack of trying, but a lack of insight and experience.  Wisdom Conjunctions provide those operational insights based upon experience.

I have raised $32 million from investors over the past 8 years; $1 million in the 1st year, $1.8 million in the 2nd and $9 million in the 3rd.  Why the massive change in year 3?  It took 3 years to boil away the mindset, words, & actions that held me back until the Wisdom Conjunctions were developed to achieve greater results.

The same could be said about my history of acquiring joint venture partners.  My 1st joint venture was a $1 million dollar property with ownership of 70% to the money partner and 30% to me.  My last joint venture property was $4.5 million with ownership of 30% to the money partner and 70% to me.  What caused the switch from 30% ownership to 70% ownership?  As with raising money; time, experience and application of Wisdom Conjunctions improved my results.

At the heart of all the mentorships that I conduct, my students learn the operational wisdom of applying “insight”, “technique”, “tricks of the trade” and “experienced based understanding” to achieve phenomenal results quickly.

And you can too!

Click Here to register for this web class.  http://www.nidushub.com/online-mastermind/

All the best,
Mathew Frederick & The REITE Club Team

P.S. Don’t forget to attend the main class which is a 1-day workshop where detailed explanations can be discussed and real-life examples demonstrated to turn this knowledge into hands-on reality.

P.P.S This is my first 1-day workshop with REITE Club members and I will bring the thunder!  Let’s take an intensive dive into why things work and have some fun along the way.  I believe in lifelong learning with a focus on fun.  So bring a positive attitude and the problems that are holding you back and let’s melt them away together.

Click Here to register for the 1-day class. http://www.nidushub.com/Reite-Talks-1/

1 Day Workshop – Vaughan
Knowledge vs Application
Saturday, June 1, 9 am – 5 pm (Vaughan)
Learn how to apply 21 techniques designed to save

– 21 Wisdom Conjunctions
– Designed to get Results
– Residential | Commercial | Joint Venture
– Operational insights, wisdoms & truths

Improve Canada Center (Keel St – Hwy 407)
7250 Keele St, Concord, ON L4K 1Z8, Canada

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