Investing in Atlantic Canada - Focus on New Brunswick

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Investing in Atlantic Canada - Focus on New Brunswick

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Investing in Atlantic Canada - Focus on New Brunswick 

The three least expensive cities in Canada in August 2021 were all in New Brunswick but they have also experienced double-digit growth in terms of prices over the last year. 

Activity across Atlantic Canada has been driven by out-of-province buyers or buyers looking to accelerate retirement plans or now with the option of working from home looking for different options, including space. 

Join our real estate investor guests as they share their insights and experiences of investing in New Brunswick. 

Francois and Jennifer Lanthier sold up in Ottawa and moved to Moncton - 6 weeks later they were heading back to the Nation's Capital. Hear what prompted their decision and the lessons learned. 

Christine Corrigan, a nurse and investor, runs a real estate investor group in the province and gives us an update on investing in a small town and shares her short-term rental investment.

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