Katherine Nelson Riley: Hi Victoria. Thanks so much for joining me this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to Andrew Choubeta's interview. 

Victoria Cluney: Oh my gosh, love my pleasure. It's the first time that we're having a podcast together, Katherine. So that's exciting and what I've heard about Andrew and the places that he invests. This is definitely gonna be an interesting conversation. 

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back, REITE Club community to another episode of the REITE Club podcast. I'm Alfonso Salemi, and I am here with my amazing co-host Laurel Simmons. How's it going, Laurel?

Laurel Simmons: It's going great, and boy, we've got a really interesting podcast today don't we?

Francois Lanthier: Hi Sarah. I'm really excited about this podcast we're gonna have right now. Our guests that you know quite well, Marcin Drozdz, and yeah. Can you tell us a little bit of how you've met him?

Sarah Larbi: Hey, welcome back to another episode, and I'm here with Alfonso today. I'm Sarah Larbi. You are listening to the REITE Club podcast. Today's guest is James Burchill. I actually met James a couple years ago when he asked me to be on his show, the Smart Car Coffee Confidential, and it was a ton of fun.

Mathew Frederick: Hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of the REITE Club podcast. I'm Laurel Simmons, a co-founder of the REITE Club, and today my co-host is Victoria Cluney. 
Hello, Laurel, how are you? 

I'm doing great, Victoria. Glad to be here with you. And we had a great conversation with Matthew Frederick, who was our guest today. Most people realize that we do record them and then we do the intro. After, because it's nice to know what our guests will have said before we actually do the introduction. Wow. Matthew is so knowledgeable, isn't he?